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The Goode Girl - Pink Paperback Edition

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This edition of THE GOODE GIRL is autographed and includes bonus content.

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When I first got the invitation, I thought it was a sick joke from some creep at the grocery store, but the offer is legitimate. The Auction wants me, and for half of the final bid, I just have to spend a night with the highest bidder.

It’s enough to change my life. My fiancé Dylan’s life. Money like that would get us out of his gambling debt, and I could finally breathe without feeling like there’s a group of thugs waiting to strike at any moment. Money like that would mean freedom for the both of us.

It’s wrong. God, I know it’s wrong, but I’m not just doing this for me. I’m doing this for us.

And it’s only for one night.

At least, it was before Alessio Morrone won the bid.

Author's Note: This is not a romance novel.

Content Notes:

Infidelity, on-page sex, questionable consent, mentions of stalking and harassment, drug and/or alcohol use/abuse, mentions and depictions of addiction.