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Three steamy, taboo M/M tales, all in one book.

The Babysitter

Hayden Rose loves two things in life: babysitting Danielle, and writing scandalous, steamy stories. After an embarrassing encounter with Danielle’s father Victor, Hayden quickly realizes that the two of them just might share some of the same fantasies. He knows it’s wrong, but Hayden can’t help himself. With Victor being newly single and their constant presence around each other, Hayden decides to stop chickening out on life and go for it. He’s going to make one of his fantasies a reality, and Victor wants to help.

The Brother

Noel Gallo has it all, from the hundreds of thousands of fans to the freedom to travel the world making vlogs for a living. He also has an enormous thorn in his side in the form of his new stepbrother, Garrett. Cocky, conceited, and always rubbing it in his face, Garrett makes Noel want to seriously consider fratricide. That is, until the two men find a way to settle their differences and end up getting a little (or a lot) closer than they should…

The Intern

Jaymore—just "Jay"—Harris is tired of being jerked around. The hiring manager at Red Wonder Media should've made the decision to hire him or not by now, and he's only getting more annoyed by his perfect, stuck-up project leader Rafael. But when a failed date and a questionable snap decision lands Jay in bed with Rafael one night, he discovers a new meaning to the phrase, "sticking it to your boss." A meaning he'd really like to dig deep into.