Unwrap Me

When college sophomore Danny Simmons returned home for the holidays, he'd expected to find his mother with a tray of goodies and his siblings bickering just like old times. He'd even been prepared for his father's obnoxious and mildly-offensive jokes. What he couldn't have predicted was the gorgeous Trevor Gutierrez spending the holiday break with his family.

With his deep laugh, scruffy exterior, silky voice, and smile that could melt the snow in the front yard, Danny finds it impossible to resist his father's coworker. Luckily, he doesn't have to, because it seems all Trevor wants for Christmas is Danny, and Danny is more than happy to give him that gift.

**This short story is 13k words of fluff, smut, and Christmas cheer best read when you need a little something to warm you up during the cold winter nights!**


“Someone’s got a sweet tooth, huh?”

Danny struggled to confirm, covering his mouth so he didn’t laugh and spit out the cake. He swallowed hard and flushed with embarrassment. “Sorry,” he said, hot from the neck up.

“Don’t apologize,” Trevor said. He brought his thumb to the corner of Danny’s mouth, wiping at the frosting. “I think guys with appetites are hot.” Trevor cleaned his thumb slowly, almost deliberately keeping his eyes on Danny.

It took all Danny had not to lose his fucking mind. Before, upstairs, he’d convinced himself that Trevor was only being friendly. Nothing more than and appreciation for the opportunity to stay with them. But this? Licking icing off his finger and saying he thought Danny was hot? There was no room for misinterpretation.

For a moment, the words were lodged in his throat, coated in cream cheese frosting and unable to move past his lips. He cleared his throat and brushed a strand of hair from his face, flushed with embarrassment. This was dangerous, and he knew it, but he was weak, and he couldn’t fight off the chance to entertain the idea.

“What else do you think is hot about a guy?” he asked.

Trevor thought for a moment, then said, “Guys that are forward with what they want.”

“So, confident ones?”

“Not necessarily. There is something endearing about shy men. But between you and me, I think shy guys know what they want, even if they’re not sure how to make a move. And to that, I say just go for it.”

I want to, Danny thought. He wanted to grab the man by both sides of his face and kiss him hard. Taste the frosting on his tongue and feel his beard against his skin. For a moment, he indulged in the filthy fantasy, picturing the two of them tearing off clothes, and the way the cold marble counter would feel against his stomach as he was bent over it.