The Goode Girl

When I first got the invitation, I thought it was a sick joke from some creep at the grocery store, but the offer is legitimate. The Auction wants me, and for half of the final bid, I just have to spend a night with the highest bidder.

It’s enough to change my life. My fiancé Dylan’s life. Money like that would get us out of his gambling debt, and I could finally breathe without feeling like there’s a group of thugs waiting to strike at any moment. Money like that would mean freedom for the both of us.

It’s wrong. God, I know it’s wrong, but I’m not just doing this for me. I’m doing this for us.

And it’s only for one night.

At least, it was before Alessio Morrone won the bid.

Author's Note: This is not a romance novel.


“Mm,” he murmurs, biting his bottom lip. “You really are a good girl. I know what you can call me, now.”

“What’s that?”

“You can call me Daddy.”

I would’ve laughed had Dylan ever said something like that. In fact, whenever he hung out with his boys, I always cringed at the way they’d say things like, “who’s your daddy?” It did nothing to excite me.

But when Alessio suggests it, I feel my heart skip a beat and practically try to claw its way up my throat. I swallow it down and shudder, taking a moment to collect myself. Then I nod.


Alessio’s hand pauses and his gaze hardens. “That’s not what you say.”

“I mean, yes, Daddy.”

Just saying it in this moment is almost enough to make me come, but I manage to hold out, my head falling back as I wet my fingers with my own juices. I must be making a mess on the bed, I’m so wet, but I don’t dare look. I stay in this moment, panting breaths and slick noises, me with my clit and Alessio pumping his cock in a similar speed.

“You’re close,” he notes.

“So close.” It feels like I’ve run a marathon just trying to get those two words out. But I am. Alessio would only have to gently blow to bring my card tower tumbling down.

“Why hold back?” he asks. “Come for me. Show Daddy and Ray how good you feel.”

“Fuck,” I whimper. I can feel the heat spreading, making every inch of me hot. The lightheaded feeling kicks in, and soon my whole body vibrates with my release. I moan loud, throwing caution to the wind. I want him to see me bare it all. I want Alessio to know what he’s done to me. How he’s ruined me.