Just One Night

Twenty-something love and romance “expert” Cam is having a bit of a hard time. Not only is his ex-girlfriend shamelessly showing off her new boyfriend online, but his boss is breathing down his neck about writing something more interesting than “23 Chick-Flicks to Watch when You’ve Been Dumped.”

It isn’t until a sizzling night with a stranger that Cam comes up with something new to write about, and to his boss’s surprise, readers love it. The problem? Cam has to make sure he has enough sexy, steamy experiences with this stranger to keep the fans happy. He’s in a tight spot, and not necessarily the good kind!


“I can’t speak to being in a relationship with you, Cam, but in this short amount of time I’ve known you, I can see that you’re handsome and funny and interesting. You’re worth it just from that alone.”

Cam glared at him over the rim of his glass. “You’re just saying that.”

“If I was ‘just saying that,’ I’d tell you how completely unique you are and how I’ll never meet someone as amazing as the one-and-only Cam I-Don’t-Know-Your-Last-Name. But I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. Unless that’s something you’d be interested in?”

Cam snorted. “Just kiss me,” he sighed. He grabbed the front of Owen’s shirt and pulled him forward, kissing him when he was close enough. His mustache tickled, but Cam enjoyed the feeling. Owen was slow at first, but Cam didn’t want that. He was sick of the touchy-feely bullshit, sick of being so wrapped up in his emotions that it made every moment of being awake feel like some kind of depression wank.

“Harder,” he said to Owen, pulling away, only to get the word out before he kissed him again. Owen took the order well and wrapped his hand around Cam’s waist. With one quick motion, he pulled Cam into his lap. He straddled Owen, a leg on either side of him, and pressed close to his chest.

“Tell me how badly you wanted me in that club,” he said breathlessly.

Owen undid the last few buttons on the front of Cam’s shirt while he spoke. “I wanted you badly enough to take you into one of those bathrooms and fuck you. Bend you right over one of those sinks and have my way with you.”